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Trout Woman is a surreal series exploring the adventures of... well... Trout Woman. Is she a super hero? Is she a mythical sea beast? Is she the bride of Poseidon himself? Nah, she's just an office worker who is also a trout, trying to navigate modern America.

Trout Woman is the first thing we ever animated and was a big learning experience for us. Expect more Trout Woman in 2024.

The Society of Funny Numbers was inspired by a comment we once read online, stating that 420 and 69 were getting old, and that the world needed some more funny numbers. We took this concept and ran with it for this one-off animated short.


Fast Food menu items are gettin' weird, y'all. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't guzzle up the new bright purple dairy product from a fast food chain that we shall not name! Guzzle it! ... Please? Grumuhzz needs you to guzzle it...

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